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The Traineeship at FELFEL is designed to give young individuals a kick-start into their professional life. The Traineeship program takes 9-12 months, including at least 2 rotations in different team (a short version is doable with 6 months in only one team).

Learning, on the job training, and a lot of responsibilities are three of the core elements of the program.

We want to give young people an inspiring and honest way to start their career & welcome the following individuals to apply:

  • Graduates (Bachelor or Masters)

  • Maturanden (after finishing Matura)

  • Young career changers (Quereinsteiger) such as flight attendants who would like to experience something new, KV etc.

  • LEARNING: we learn together every day, but once a month we do a skill shaping sessions - often with a unique external expert

  • ON THE JOB TRAINING: a lot of trainings during the first six months, including how we work at FELFEL, food safety, food service, etc.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES: the best way to learn is to do, therefore we give young talents a lot of responsibilities early on

The core element, which we believe is ‘core’ to any professional career is Customer Service. Getting to know your customer is key for whatever you do in your career later on and this is where we start with your training.

Every month the Trainees meet for a skill shaping session where they will be trained on skills they will need on the job, such as: communication, food knowhow, marketing, etc.

Every month the Trainees meet for a skill shaping session where they will be trained on skills they will need on the job, such as: communication, food knowhow, marketing, etc.


  • FIRST ROTATION: Customer Happiness Team

    • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Learn all about ‘excellence’ in customer service e.g. professional support via phone and in person.

    • EVENT MANAGEMENT: you learn to manage a complete launch event on your own

    • MARKETING BASICS: together with the team you will build a ‘Moment of Joy’ campaign - and execute the campaign on our customer sites

      In your first rotation you will also get to know the FELFEL business via various introduction sessions, learn what team culture at work means and improve your communication and team player skills - elements that we believe are crucial for your future career here at FELFEL or elsewhere.


    Depending on your personal interests and the needs of the team, you will rotate through 1-2 additional teams and get exposure to their daily tasks and work on a project during the rotation.

    Check out other teams for potential rotations:

Skill Shaping classes

Every month, the Trainees are invited to a SKILL SHAPING CLASS to strengthen skills for the role and general knowhow of the food industry here in Switzerland. Here a few examples of past classes.


May 19:

Meet the farmer

To broaden our understanding of the Swiss Bio (Organic) Culture and production landscape, we visited our own supplier who focuses entirely on a sustainable, organic production.


February 19:

Team Skills

An important skill in today’s work environment is empathy: understanding your colleagues, your clients and being able to communicate efficiently. In a playful way we learnt more about the topic.


January 19: Photography class

Everything is visual today - and the better we can communicate with pictures and videos, the easier we make it for our audience to ‘understand’. It is also a lot of fun to make nice pictures.

20180226_Tiles_single row.jpg


I loved it because I learned what it meant to be at the front with the end-customer - something you don’t learn in school. Then I rotated into the Finance team because I wanted to put my learnings from the University of St. Gallen to use.
— Bagi, Trainee Class of 2018
I had heard so much about FELFEL at my school - EHL in Lausanne, that I had to try it! I fell in love with the Customer Happiness team and decided to stay there in a fixed role!

— Clara, Trainee Class of 2019
I learned to be a cook, but I didn’t like the atmosphere of a typical kitchen, so I tried the FELFEL Traineeship - I started in Customer Happiness, then rotated into Food Scouts, and was then offered a job in Finance, where I still am today :)
— Dario, TRAINEE CLASS OF 2017
I completed my bachelor studies in food science at ETH, but working in a lab was a bit too theoretical for me. That’s why I joined FELFEL as a Trainee and quickly rotated into the Food Scouts Team, where I have been able to apply what I learned in school!
— Shera, TRAINEE CLASS OF 2018



  • CV

  • Motivational video (yes, we go with the times, send us a 30 seconds video in which you explain why you want to do the FELFEL Traineeship)

    Apply via the form in the link above!

    See you soon!

    The FELFEL HR Team