The process to join

We are excited to meet you!

Together with the team, we have designed a process that is easy and quick - we aim for fast and direct feedback to make the process as smooth as possible for you.





2. Speed date


3. task work


4. Experience lunch

HOW it works

  • Once we have reviewed your application, we would love to meet you for a quick, first meeting, we call it the SPEED DATE (because it typically lasts 15-30 minutes)

  • In our first meeting we would like to tell you more about the opportunity and see if we are a potential fit both culture and skill-wise

  • You will meet with your potential team lead for the Speed Date


  • Make sure to apply via the form in the job description

  • Please understand that we can only proceed with complete applications (all required documents are sent in)

  • Many front roles require a video, please send us the link also in the form (Dropbox, Wetransfer, Youtube etc.)

  • Please give us 72h to get back to you - we try to make it faster ;)


  • This is the very exciting part of the process: you meet with the whole FELFEL team:

  • You will join us over lunch to cook with the team and sit down with a few more FELFELIANS with whom you would be working in the future, including the owners of FELFEL

  • Make sure to ask all your open questions on ‘how, when, what’ etc.

how to succeed

  • In the task work we do a deep dive to understand if you have the skills needed for the role at FELFEL. We will provide you with a task, that you solve and typically present to us. A handful of FELFELIANS will be there to discuss the results with you.

  • Tip: solve the bonus task ;)


We look forward

to meeting you soon!



LAURA - talent scout

‘Hi my name is Laura, and I am your first touch point at FELFEL - once you have submitted your full application via the form in the job description, you will promtly hear from me. I look forward to getting to know you’!


Manuela - People experience

‘Hi - I am Manuela, I will meet you latest by the Experience Day at FELFEL - I am responsible for People Experience at FELFEL, and would be your first contact if you join the firm. I am crossing my fingers that we will meet soon ;)’


Jürg - General Manager, CFO

‘Hi, my name is Jürg and together with Laura and Manuela I am trying to do all we can to make your experience as smooth and clear as possible. I look forward to meeting you soon!’