We are very excited to get to know you! At this time unfortunately, we are only able to answer questions once we have received your full application. In case you don’t know 100% for which role to apply, send your application to the role that appears most to you and we will reach out to you after to discuss.

‘Blind application’

All our open roles are on the page - please make sure to apply for a specific role.

how long do i have to wait to hear back?

Speed is a core value at FELFEL - we try to get back to you as fast as we can, latest in 72h.

In the job description i am interested in a video is required - is that necessary?

Absolutely ;) We go with the time here at FELFEL. Instead of a motivation letter, we ask individuals who would like to work with us in a front-facing role to send a short video. That video you can do with your phone and it should not require more than 15 minutes of your time (probably less time than a classic motivation letter).


How can i send an application video

The easiest is to upload your video to wetransfer.com and send us the link. Youtube or other tools are ‘ok’ too!

Who makes the decision at FELFEL if i proceed?

At FELFEL we have a hiring committee of 10 individuals who make hiring decisions together. The later in the progress, the more people will be involved.

What tips do you have to get the role?

Answering the ‘bonus task’ will definitely help you (if there is one in your task during the process) ;).

Of course we suggest to show your best side when it comes to skills required to the job. Ultimately for us it is crucial that the ‘attitude’ fits with ours and that we get the feeling that you can take a lot of ownership and responsibility once you have joined.